Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gift card Explosion boxes..

I am so excited for tomorrow to come! Tomorrow I will be presenting my son;s two teachers with these gift card boxes. I collected donations from other parents and each teacher is going to receive 3 gift cards that total $110, wow!! I know they will be very happy with that blessing. I was looking for a unique way to present the cards to them and a member of the Cricut Message board directed me to these boxes. You can can see go here and see the video for the original ones. I have so many more projects to get done, so I am off..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brown and Gold Ornaments...

About a month ago when Walmart was putting out there Christmas decorations I saw these beautiful brown ornaments, glitter, frosted and shiny. They were in a big container with about 25 and they were the shatterproof ones. I just knew they were going to be on my tree. Of course I think it was just after Halloween, so I wasn't quite ready to buy them. Once I decided my tree was going to be brown/gold and it was time to buy I went off to Walmart to get those ornaments. Three Walmarts later I was minus those wonderful brown ornaments. I did find a container with 4 brown, and then a bunch of gold with brown accents. I was going to have to make that work. Well, I decided to try and make a few brown ornaments for my tree and these are what I came up with. I used brown cardstock, overhead projector transparencies, and the Joys of the Season Cricut Cartridge. I only made 4 but I am pretty happy with how the turned out..
You can see the tree