Sunday, April 11, 2010

Messenger Bag and Toddler Skirt.

I did it!! I had a goal and I met it. I wanted to sew this weekend and even though it was challenging with the kids I was able to make two things. The first thing I made was a messenger bag for Noelle. We went to the the fabric store a few days ago and she picked out this pretty floral fabric. She wanted me to sew a skirt for her but the last time I ventured into adult clothing it was a disaster, so we settled on this bag. I purchased two books from the fabric store "One-Yard Wonders" and "Making Children's Clothes". I used the first book to make Noelle's bag, which as the title would imply only took 1 yard of fabric.
The second item I made was a Market Skirt for Abigail. Now this skirt went through a full day of play before I had a chance to take a picture of it. For this skirt I used a free tutorial that I found here at Made. I really wanted to add pockets but ran out of time, so the next Market Skirt I make will include pockets.
Both books I bought have many projects I am wanting to try. I will say that although the bag was easy to make I got confused a view times at the explanation. I learn better with things like this from a picture. It had some pictures but then explained with out visual. So, needless to say I had to use my seam ripper quite a few times. This bag did not have an included pattern (both books comes with patterns) so I needed to make my own using wrapping paper (it's all I had) and the measurments that were provided in the book. I also need to do this for the skirt. Making the patterns used up a good portion of my time. The good thing is, I labeled both patterns to be used later on. Now if I was an organized person this would be great, however I am not organized so I probably will not find those said patterns when needed. LOL!
Currently I have fabric cut for a pair of baby pants from a pattern I have used twice before. Once I finish these pants I am going to make something from the children's book.
If feels good to meet a goal and better yet seeing my children wear my creations!


  1. How sweet! I love Abigail's little skirt! It looks so cute!

    And Noelle's bag is awesome! You're gonna have to show me how to do that!

  2. this is so cool. i love sewing...make me want to pull my machine out and sew on fabric instead of paper :)

  3. What cute projects! You did a great job!


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