Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lollipop & Feather Clips and More!

It is time for my once in a blue moon post! I have made several paper crafts over the last few months and just recently started to make these fun Lollipop flowers. I have wanted to make these for some time. I happened upon a fabric store that was selling satin fabric for $1.50/yard, and feathers for $1.95 plus 30% off, you can't beat that! I purchased about 6 colors and love making these. All the ones I have made so far have been for gifts but I plan to buy a cheap t-shirt and use these flowers to embellish it.  I haven't yet motivated myself to start the actual sewing process however I just cut out a pattern and have gotten out the fabric to make something for Abigail. It won't be long before I actually sit down and sew. Sewing is usually like that for me, a process of preparations. Well here are a few of the things I have made, and I am seriously liking the lollipop flowers.
Lollipop Flower Headband made for Noelle's teacher
The flower detatches and can be worn alone.
Made for M & A's teachers
Close up
V-Day Cards!

Birthday Banner for my two nieces' birthday (used my Cricut)
Pixar Car decor for M's 3rd birthday, used the Car's Cricut Cartridge!

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