Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Upcycle, Thrift Store, Chalk Paint Bug!

I can't remember what I was searching for but about two weeks ago I happened upon a really great and inspiring blog: http://www.myuncommonsliceofsuburbia.com/
I spent 3 full days going over her blog, looking at all the projects she has completed and wishing I could do that. Then from her blog I was directed to other inspiring blogs and became determined that "I can do that!"  Now, the "I want to do that/I can do that" mentality is nothing new. I usually think that when I see something I like but at the same time I know there are certain resources needed. With these "projects" I need two things, an unwanted piece of furniture and then paint. I am happy to say I have just entered into the world of Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and upcycle furniture.
Now I tend to forget that several years ago when I moved into my first apartment I  purchased some black lacquer side tables and a coffee table. I also had cheap particle board hutch type book case/entertainment centers. I was thankful to have them but boy they were real eye sores. I ended up spending a few nights and a weekend painting and glazed them. This was 8 years ago and these pieces were very reminiscent of what I see on the blogs today. The great things is I turned those things into something pretty nice looking.

Well this past weekend I searched Craigslist and hit the swapmeet. I only found a side table at the swapmeet but currently in my den I have my said finished table ($10), $25 vintage desk and chair, $20 vintage secretary (I should have skipped this one on further inspection, the side I thought was a little crack is broke straight through), and a pair of $35 French like cane chairs, and 4 chalk paints. If you haven't guest it, when I decide to do something I jump in feet first! I am so so so excited about the chairs and as the picture will show I am in for a big project. I have never attempted to reupholster before so boy oh boy, google search commence!  Now I will need to work on my photo staging but  that will come with time. Well with out further ado, for the side table I used Duck Egg Blue, and Versailles chalk paint. I lightly distress, waxed, and lined the drawers with matching scrapbook paper..

and the finished table:

Lastly here is a picture of the chairs that are a work in progress. I have to say I really thought ripping off upholstery would be much simpler. The frame of the chair is in great shape but the guts are yucky! I took mesh fabric off from under the chair and found mildew on the wood seat base. I am figuring I will have to go to the hardware store and by another piece of wood to make a new base. Once I take the fabric off of the seat I will use the base as a pattern..easy right! haha..
I will be using the drop cloth that are so popular to reupholster the chair. Well, the chair is staring me in the face, so I am off to rip out more staples..


  1. Such great a transformation! Can't wait to see the finished chair. Thank you for your comment. I think you could get away with just sanding the table if it only has a coat of poly on it. There should be no need for the stripper. Just be sure to sand through any stain as well down to the bare wood grain. Good luck! I'm a new follower so I hope to see the finished product soon!

  2. I just sent you a e-mail....and I'm still looking for our painters phone # (besides I need his # too for some help after the bathroom fire)

    I love the table it looks fabulous and the chairs are going to be awesome, keep us posted!

  3. Hello, your table is absolutely adorable!!! Love the drawer lining too. I hopped over from shades of amber...just became a new follower...good luck! Julie

  4. What a lovely restyle! I can't wait to see the chair completed :) Your newest follower!


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