Monday, November 14, 2011

All Moved In, Let the Projects Begin!

The great thing about moving is it allows you to get rid of a certain amount of junk that has been collected. I thought that I would have a difficult time doing this but low and behold, I got rid of a lot of stuff. The only thing I didn't seem to go through was my crafting stuff but I will get to that when we put my craft/guest bedroom together.

I want to do so much to the house it has overwhelmed me. We bought our house through a short-sale and the house was not cared for at all. Every where I look there is scuffs, dirty walls, holes, leaks, an area of a window where the dog scratched straight to the metal, and the list is growing. We had quite a bit of rain and discovered a link in the roof. The good news is other then the leak most of the list is cosmetic and patch up and painting will make a huge difference.

If we knew for sure this was our forever house we would do a kitchen renovation, new flooring and carpet but that is on hold until we are sure. The first 2 or so weeks I have sat around so unsure of what I can do in the DIY fashion that isn't going to break the bank but that will add style and value the house. I have decided that the kids rooms was a great place to start.

One of the main things I wanted to do was figure out toy storage and buy dressers for my son. So off to Ikea I went and purchased 6 Trofast storage systems,  two 3 drawer Malm dressers and one 6 drawer Malm dressers. Well actually I ended up having to build the frame of the 6 drawer twice! My older girl was helping me and lost her balance falling through the back of the dresser (she is fine). This broke three pieces but thankfully Ikea exchanged the whole thing. I don't have pictures of mine but just so you can see what I have done the last few days, most of which happened yesterday (all three dressers and two Trofast) here are pictures:





I have to say, Ikea is so easy to put together. I know it isn't top quality but I think it is top quality in this type of furniture.. okay did that make any sense? It is sturdy, cost effective and again putting it together was a cinch, time consuming but easy!
I have ordered a princess stencil kit for my little girls room and for my little man room a Pirate Map.. I am excited to get started on the decorating and painting for their rooms. I am still trying to figure out paint colors and such but the building of the furniture and has given me a boost to start doing what I can.

I hope to come back in the next few weeks with progress reports and maybe a project or two!

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