Monday, January 11, 2010

My first Centerpieces..

My sister is turning 40 this month and we are celebrating her big day this Saturday. We are meeting at a restaurant which is what we usually do, but because it is such a special day I wanted to add a few special touches. I really am doing all this last minute so it is a rush but while walking through Michael's I found some Christmas willow branches in the clearance area, a big bunch for $1.50 and these beautiful butterflies in the $1.00 bin, added terra cotta pots, $1.00 bin crystals, moss and Voila here are my creation. I will set them on the tables at the restaurant, along with some balloons.. This is my first time making up center pieces and I love them. It is just what I had in mind..


  1. Very nice job Chris and for so cheap too! We did something very simular at my MOPS group for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Only we spray painted the branches pink. I loved it so much that I actually took a picture of them.

  2. How did it go? I bet everyone was impressed by your table deco. Love it...


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