Monday, January 16, 2012

Home Progress & Decor Dream Come True !!

(I would love some color advice from you all, which is sought after my ramblings, thanks!)

Today is most certainly one of my favorite days, minus the fact that my younger daughter is sick with an ear infection and possible sinus infection. Why is today such a favorite day? Well for starters 2 1/2 rooms are done in my house, soon it will be a total of 3. Well actually the guest/craft room was just painted so that room is also on it's way to being finished. My two daughter's rooms are done and the 1/2 finished bedroom is my son's. I have been working on  his Nautical/Pirate room but it is taking some time. His mural is a pretty detailed paint by number one which requires tracing the image on the wall then going back and painting. It is going slow but I am making progress. I have to say his room will probably be one of my favorites in the house (second to mine of course)!  I will come back with a full picture post of his room soon. I wish I had daily projects that would give me something to blog about, I could of course come on here each and every day and tell you how  I painted stripes, that I painted the pirate boy's hair, now his eye patch, okay today I painted boots, today I made an Ikea trip and here is my haul... yeah, I don't think that will work.. BUT today, today I do have something fantastic to share. I have dreamed about the Colette Bed from Crate and Barrel forever, okay not forever but I have dreamed about having an upholstered platform bed for a long time. Once I saw the Colette, I knew  it would be the bed that would fullfill my dream. I have talked about this bed to my husband and God love him, he never once said "women, you're crazy!" He just smiled and said it was nice, and he never squashed that little dream for me. Well, the work in my son's room is mine to finish and my hubby wants to get started on painting our room. In order to do that I had to find a duvet cover to set the color tone and I invited him to join me for a browse at Pottery Barn, he couldn't wait! I selected the new Lewis Paisley Duvet, and the Silk Channel quilt in Ivory.  I can't quite figure out the base color of the duvet, but it in the blue-green color with beige/tan/greige colors.. so pretty! My husband is very particular about bedding weight, he doesn't like anything heavy. We looked a a few of the quilts and he liked the weight of the Silk Channel quilt. This quilt was also displayed with the duvet. Unfortunately it was sold out in their store, other local stores and when they looked on-line it is on back-order until April. That is a long time! Fortunately they located one at an out of town store, which will be shipped this week. 

Lewis Paisley Duvet Cover & Sham
This made my day, it was exactly what I wanted for our room, I was going home a very happy girl.. BUT then we went to Crate and Barrel to look around. I also wanted to show my hubby the Colette bed, he has only seen pictures. Never in a million years did I think I would be walking out of the store an owner of my dream bed: Colette!!. My husband decided differently, of course the deal was this purchase covers all potential gifts for the year through Christmas. I am okay with that, in fact he could have said for the next 5 years, okay maybe not that long! So starting on Sunday the quintessential bed of all beds for me will reside in my bedroom.. I would be lying if I said I didn't jump up and down in the middle of Crate and Barrel, so I just won't go there. (Security, there is a crazy lady acting like she just won the lottery on second floor).. again I am not going there!
Now, I am trying to decide on colors and I would really appreciate your help on this. I go between wanting a cozy spa like feel to the room to wanting it light and airy. I found two  Behr colors called Verdigris and Silver Sage which look lovely against the duvet:  
These ones are various tans:
This is Colette!
This is our bedroom (picture from the listing), the doors on the right were taken down and walled off. It lead to my son's room, which he thought was great. 

I think the top colors have the more serene spa feel to it. I also really liked the way tan/greige/ivory colors looked and I think this would give the room a different feel. The bed is a natural linen color and I don't want it to blend into the wall. One idea I had was to paint the room a Ivory/tan color and the master bath the blue/green color. My call out to you is to ask where you would go with  color. I also need to select drapery so any thoughts on that would also be appreciated. 
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  1. Hi --- Think your bedroom will be lovely with the new bed, et al. but am a true believer that the Master Bedroom should be more restful than having something in bright colors (I always think is this a room that would be okay if someone was sick and staying in bed?). The spa idea is really good and the colors that match the duvet would work well. We've got the same issues as to paint the bedroom a different color than the bathroom (it's open to the bedroom, except for the loo). What we found is that a conflicting color was not going to work in either room because your eye travels to the darker/brighter change of color. Paint the bathroom a darker or lighter shade of what you paint the bedroom. Paint's fairly inexpensive and now comes in great sample sizes, so maybe you should try some samples on the walls first. I love that bed - lucky you! Good luck and enjoy.


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