Monday, March 19, 2012

Feeling a Little Blue..

What do the paint colors Serene Sky, Nurture (Behr Paint), Rich Navy at 100% and lightened twice (Glidden), Palladian Blue, Tranquility (Benjamin Moore), and Comfort Gray (Sherwin Williams) have in common? Well let's take a look, shall we...(in order of what is listed above except for lightened Rich Navy)

Have you guest yet? Well if you guest that they are in the blue, blue gray or blue green family you guest right. Not only that but each of those colors have found their way into my house. I am not sure how it happened but I am surrounded by blue! Growing up and to this day Blue is my sister's favorite color, her room was always some shade of blue and I have never gravitated towards blues. Now, when we bought this house I new with certainly my craft/guest room would be Palladian Blue.  I love this color, it was the color of my daughter's bedroom in a house we had a few years ago. Once that was painted I moved on to my younger daughter's room. I had planned on painting the top half of her room a pink color for the sky. When I was showing her the mural I would be painting and some pink paint chips, she straight out told me the sky is not pink it is blue and she wants it to be blue. She knows what she wants, so up went the second blue. My son's room is a nautical/pirate theme and what speaks nautical more then blue, so blue continued into his room. My master bedroom's bedding is an interesting shade of blueish greenish paisley pattern and after putting sample after sample the only color that seemed ot work was Nurture, okay 4th blue down. On to my dining room, I am happy to say the actual dining room is not blue it is Weimaraner by Benjamin Moore:

I love this color, love it! It is however a strange shade that changes dramatically throughout the day. When we were painting it it looked purple, then red, then finally in the morning it looked a beautiful shade of grayish brown. Then it changed all over again, I didn't like the ceiling being white it seemed to stark for this color. I will be back in the future for a complete post on my dining room once it is complete so as not to repeat myself in the future, the ceiling was painted Tranquility! Now this weekend with the down pour of rain and a husband who does not care to be indoors while the sun is shining up went Comfort Gray in our family/kitchen. I did not intend for so much blue to be put into my house, in fact I am a little blue about it. I love color and my house has taken on such a neutral palette. My living room and entryway is not blue but they are Bleeker Beige and Manchester Tan:

Where is the color in my house?? For what ever reason I have played it safe, no red no yellow just blue! I will say that while trying to get design ideas for my house I went to a few model homes and they were full of color.  What I noticed in many of those homes was that the walls were all the same color but it was through the drapery, pillows, art work and furniture that the color came from. What does that mean for me? Well, that there is hope of a bright and colorful future ahead! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I guessed it right!!! I put a very very soft blue on the kitchen ceiling, at my decorator's suggestion, and love it. She said if I didn't like it, she would pay to have it repainted. There's no need for that.

  2. The colors you chose remind me of a beach cottage. I can't wait to see it in person. Yes, with these soft colors you can totally add color with throw pillows, rugs, curtains, paintings, etc.

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