Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Tale of Three Mirrors and a Lamp

I have been home bound since Sunday with the start of my little girl's fever. It has moved on to my 18 year old and my 4 year old. I am really hoping it stops there, mama don't wanna get sick and I am sure daddy doesn't either.
Yesterday was a sort of an in between period.  My son hadn't gotten sick yet and went to preschool, the teen/young adult is able to look after self, and I only kept the 5 year old home to rest an extra day. That gave me an opportunity to look around at some home stores. I have been on the hunt for lamps for my master bedroom. That isn't exactly true, I have found lamps, several of them in fact but none have seemed to work in the space. I finally settled on two lamps that I really liked. The lamp shades were the same color as my bedroom walls and blended so the only thing I needed to do was find different shades. I really had no idea how expensive lampshades were. I ended up buying two cheaper lampshades, put them on and they just looked cheap. Hubby even thought so and said "we have this really nice bed, don't cheap out on the shades". Makes sense! So I  returned them and bit the bullet, purchasing shades from Pottery Barn. I adore Pottery Barn but they just didn't look right with these lamps. The lamps have just been sitting there blending. While I have been trying to  find the perfect lamps I have been sadly thinking about two lamps I had spotted at a TJ Max (one further away) about 2 months ago. I liked them, I even had them in my cart but I thought they were going to be too big. I really thought the bedside tables we had ordered were much smaller but when those arrived a day later they were actually quite large.  I immediately ran drove a few days later to the store but only one was left.  I needed two and my journey to find lamps began. Well, yesterday was a good day all around. I went to my local TJ Max and low and beyond those lamps were there, the ones I spotted 2 months ago. I grabbed them up and brought them home. Do I absolutely love them? Not exactly but I do really like them and they work well in the space, I am happy.
My house has area's of wall space that need to be filled, some of those spaces are stumping me. I knew that I wanted a mirror or a series of mirrors for a particular wall in my master bedroom. In addition to TJ Max I went Ross where I found a mirror for my entryway and Home Goods where I finally found the mirror for my bedroom and one for my dining room. There were actually two mirrors that I was looking at for the bedroom and I all but flipped a coin to decide. I am actually pretty pleased with this mirror and it is just one more element that brings my room closer to being complete. It is amazing how in just one day I found some great decor for my house and yet I have been in these stores time and time again leaving with nada.
I am working on a spring mantel of course pulling inspiration from others (thank you to the amazing blog community). I have a couple of things I would like to do and then it should be ready to share. It will be the only thing I share from this room, it is a long way from being viewable..
Here are some images of my new mirrors and lamps:

Dining Room Mirror (Home Goods): adds a fun element of bling a pop!
 Entryway Sconce (Restoration Hardware) & Mirror (Ross)
Don't mind the wrapping on the shades (I need to take those off).
 Master Bedroom Mirror it's measures 36x50 (Home Goods) and yes, that would be my beautiful Colette bed peeking through! Still can't believe hubby bought it for me us!

 Finally the lamps that were meant for me (TJMAX)! The  lamp shade is linen with metallic silver threading weaved throughout. It's a soft look, not glittery. There is also a very light peacock feather in silver printed on the shade. It is so light I missed it the first few minutes I looked at these lamps. I think it's perfect since my bedding is a paisley and the shape is similar.
 My little corner of our Master Retreat! From this picture it looks all put together but it's not quite ready.

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